For Men Who Want To Become The Best Version of Themselves That Their Peers Would Fear and Respect, Here’s…

How To Remove Poor Mindsets, Toxic Inner Game, and Self-Defeating Behaviors For Good With The “All-In-One” System.

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 The Most Highly Customized Coaching And Accountability System To Fix BOTH Your Limited Conscious and Subconscious Programming

To The Man Who Wants More Out of Life,

If you’re tired of ruining your own progress with cycles of self-defeating behaviors…

If you have low self-esteem, negative self-talk, or a poor self image…

If you’re sick of being anxious, depressed, resentful or confused at all the wrong times…

And you know you want help to become the man all guys are jealous of, and all women want to date…

Then ask yourself…

Why aren’t you already there yet?

Because where you should be is hanging out with beautiful, submissive women who are completely in your frame… 

Instead of reading this page, you should be enjoying the best sex of your life with someone you like spending time with…

Instead of reading this page, you should have all the success in the world that would make your peers jealous with envy for having “figured life out”...

But for some reason you’re still stuck. 

Why is it that women keep choosing other men over you? 

Why do you have a list of things you want, only to sabotage yourself so you never get it? 

Why is it that you can attract women but you can’t make her fall in love and obsess over you?
The answer is both counter-intuitive and controversial. 

It’s because…

You’ve Never Had Everything You Need In Order To Make A Massive PERMANENT Life Change!

See, when it comes to making a big life change most people go to ONE expert offering one approach. They go to a life coach, a therapist, an energy healer, a hypnotist or someone who promises about fixing some sort of trauma.

And while you can make progress with any of these experts, I’ve found that after working with thousands of men…

And seeing my own son go through a laughable mental health system where they’re more concerned about hooking him up to SSRI’s than getting him to a better mental health state…

I can say with conviction that…

Relying on conventional systems or on a single modality may not get the results that you want, or only get them temporarily, because they’re not looking at the ENTIRE problem!

In order to get what you want in this lifetime, everyone needs BOTH a healthy conscious and subconscious mind in order to address their emotions, beliefs, and behaviors.

For example, if you went to someone who only specializes in the subconscious mind, and doesn’t address all the conscious mental frameworks, behaviors, and emotional states you’ll need to game and attract a beautiful woman…

Then you’re still stuck at the starting line. 

If you went to someone who specializes in mindsets, game and frame but they don’t understand the subconscious, then you’ll know how to say and do the right things, but… 

…your subconscious will sabotage you in the least desirable moment, or never even give you a chance to succeed in the first place.

As you can see, fixing your conscious mindset and your subconscious programming is a tricky problem. It requires deep expertise in multiple areas. 

And because it requires this, logic says the more healing modalities you can use, the better chance you have at fixing such a complex problem. 

That’s why my clients love…

The “All-In-One” System Known As The Neural Behavioral Conditioning Program (N.B.C.)

It’s the only multi-disciplined, evidence-based system known to fix BOTH your subconscious and conscious programming with DOZENS of healing modalities including breathwork, hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, and more.

People love this system because there’s an answer to every problem you’re facing.

Imagine being in a room with dozens of experts. Everyone from life coaches, to hypnotherapists, to NLP experts, to therapists, to spiritual healers and more.

Picture them all taking their turn helping you in their own specific way, diagnosing, analyzing, giving suggestions and solving your problems one by one. 

That’s what it’s like to have the NBC program. 

It’s like having your own private inner circle of experts, tailoring their specific expertise to your unique needs and problems. You never have to worry whether you have or are doing “enough”. You never have to worry about whether you need to hire another coach, or healer. 

Every problem you’re facing will be accounted for!

Here’s How This Coaching Program Works

First, we’ll do our initial 30 minute consultation to figure out what problems you’re suffering from along with what you’d like to be handled over the next couple months.

Then, assuming you qualify, we’ll meet 6 times for an hour over 8 weeks total to get the results you want.

Usually we figure out a plan for you to implement within the first call. Then, you will get access to over 20 hours of content on dozens of modalities to help you on your journey as you evolve and change into the man you want to be.

Additionally we will meet once a week as a group to go over problems and obstacles that are common amongst the group.

Over the next 8 weeks we will meet… review what happened… and go over feedback 1 on 1. I’ll be keeping you accountable the whole time as you move toward the next phase of your journey and get the results you signed up for. 

You may be asking, “Well what does that actually look like?”.

Here’s An Example Journey You May Go Through Along With All The Modalities We Could Be 
Using Along The Way: 

(NOTE: Notice the complexity of this problem!! Most men have very complex things going on in the background and don’t even know it!)

In our first call let’s say that we find out the problem is that you’re cheating on women that you want to be with and you can’t figure out why. You’re not a bad guy, you feel horrible for doing it and you want the pattern to stop. 

This is the point of the journey where you believe your problem is “cheating on women”. (But as you’ll see, you’re completely wrong.)

In this phase - we might use talk therapy and breathwork to release emotions opening up the vagus nerve, getting you to feel those feelings. We figure out that by going into your feelings, the REAL problem is feelings of abandonment. 

Then, we use EMDR and talk therapy to discover that due to your childhood, your “normal” is hanging around people you don’t trust. You have plenty of people around you but you won’t be able to trust any of these people. They would be the type that would stab you in the back. 

This would also translate into your relationships with women. You attract women, and will naturally not trust these women. What’s worse, anytime they show they want to move on from you, you will detach and make it worse by cheating before you get abandoned. 

You hate yourself for this sick pattern, and so you beat yourself up with negative self-talk.

So to combat this cycle of behavior we change your brain with Neural Behavior Conditioning. 

(Stick with me here as this gets good)

We use meditation, visualization and NLP exercises to instill a pattern of discomfort for anyone who exhibits signs of poor values (AKA untrustworthy people). We make being around people with poor values uncomfortable for you. 

We then use hypnosis to feel what it would be like to be around people you CAN trust. Future casting on what your life could be like around good, wholesome, trustworthy people.

With these changes made in your brain using the NBC program, your behavior changes too. 

Your attractions have changed. You’re repelled by women who exhibit low value behavior. You associate pain with narcissists and bipolar women and then have a desire for healthier, caring women. You don’t get the feelings of abandonment anymore due to the NBC program.

You’re now happily dating, and the cheating never happens because the old triggers never pop up! You attract quality people in your life, and it’s effortless. Getting and keeping women is a joke now to the point you can’t even believe it was a problem in the first place.


So To Recap, Here’s What You Get:

  • 30 Minute Initial Consultation.
  • 8 Weeks of Group Coaching Calls.
  • 6 hour-long 1-on-1 calls of me coaching you and keeping you accountable
  • ​20 hours of my best content on mindsets, healing modalities, game, frame and more (you won’t believe me when I say this but it’s easily worth $10,000)
  • ​Facebook Group for Members Only.

Considering that my consultation rates are now at $1,000/hr, and that you get group coaching calls on top of your 1-on-1 calls, you can see why this service won’t be cheap.

Just off the 1 on 1 calls alone (6x$1,000) and the 20 hours of content, you can easily see why this is worth well over $10,000.

I like to pride myself on results. So although I wish I could give unlimited spots, I can only handle about 15 of you guys (maybe a few more). It's the only way I can guarantee you get what you sign up for. 

Here’s some good news: I won’t be charging anywhere near that $10k price tag. You’ve probably already proven to me you’re someone who signs up and does the work by joining one of my other programs. I want to reward that behavior when you join me to work on your issues. It is first come first serve.

I can’t wait for you to bet on yourself and get what you want in life!

When you click on any of the buttons on this page it will take you to the application page. Please fill that out to the best of your ability to have your application considered seriously.

Thank you, and looking forward to helping you on your journey.

Paul from Apex Mindset.